Does anyone know what brand or model of guitar is used by the guitarists of the Jrock band The pillows? I would highly appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
We do not speak of J-Rock here.
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Sawao uses a Fender Cyclone

Manabe uses a Fender Mustang mainly, he also has a Gibson Les Paul Jr. and an Epiphone Explorer that he uses in the newer stuff.
In much of their "older" songs, Sawao is playing an ESP Tele copy, and Manabe is playing a strat-style, surfer green ESP. I believe that model had something like a 22.5" scale or some strange short-length scale (I can't remember now).
In the really old stuff (80's), Manabe can be seen playing lead on a Telecaster!

Also Sawao plays an acoustic Taylor guitar, which you may see in some of the live videos.