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Haha, get it.


He's selling it, not buying.
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
lol ...witty. i laughed out loud, i wont lie.

anyway, no theres nothing wrong with this, ive never had a single problem with it. ill send it with the same 6v6 and 6l6 tubes i got it with. i always run it in tweed power with the 6v6's...they seem to get a creamier distortion to my ears but the 6l6s are going along so you can be the judge. as stated in the auction the footswitch doenst work right but it could be an easy fix. you can switch rythm one to two and turn the loop off but thats all. it was never a hinder to me so i never replaced it. i generally left the amp in the lead channel with the eq in....i like dirty cleans so i just roll the volume off the guitar when i wanted something cleaner, i used a rocktron xpression (also up for sale if you name a good enough price) for my delay and that was about all i ever used. i loved the setup, it was truely amazing for the cost, but i have to let it go.

like i said, my loss is your "distortion". have at it, happy bidding.
no way! I just looked at that! haha, unfortunately, unless I can come up with cash quick, you won't be seeing me as a buyer

come on guys, i dont wanna get raped selling this - and id love to see someone get a good deal and give it the use it deserves and keep me updated on it.

just give me a fair price! lol