Hey guys, I decided to get my guitar just "optimized" as in restrung, and (i have low e string buzz). I forgot what the word is though. Do I just ask the music place to tune up my guitar? How much would that run me? I just want it sounding like new. also, I have some bronze phosphor elixers...but they sound way too bright(waste of 30 dollars) anyone recommend some others?
Just explain to them about the Buzz and tell them you want it adjusted out. (A neck/bridge adjustment. IE: Set-Up). Price will vary from store to store and how much work/time they have to spend on it. I'd estimate it'll cost $30-$50.
Try some GHS strings. I like brite sounding strings and GHS isn't brite enough for me. Might be what you want. Good luck.
phos bronze strings are bright, bronze will be better. you must live in cali or ny to pay 30 for strings. elixers are 13-17 here (ohio).

my favorites are dean markley blue steel (or any dean markley acoustics). they are not coated, but last a long time. and they are cheap.

if you are getting buzz, you either have worn or raised frets, which need professional attention, or a truss rod adjustment. if the low E is the only string buzzing, that is normal. try not to hit is so hard on your downstrum. i use my thumb to mute it when it starts buzzing while i'm playing it open. the longer you strum it the faster it goes, and will be more likely to buzz, so i slow it down periodically.

go to www.projectguitar.com to find truss adjustment
go to www.stringbusters.com and click 'faq' at the bottom right to learn about string types.

it took me 3 years to find strings i like. just try as many as you can.