Im a newb to hardcore and I was wondering, what a 2-step beat was. Yeah like I said Im a newb, I kinda have an idea of what is it but if I were to listen to a song and a 2step beat comes up I cant really identifie it..
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Very much what ChrisPetrie said, there's more in-depth into the actual style of it at the top of the page in the stickied thread about the history of hardcore dancing.

Attempting to explain it is hard so i'll give you some song names with it in:
Champion - Promises Kept: Just after the singer shouts 'BREAK!' the drum beat is two step
Down To Nothing - Home Sweet Home: Pretty much the whole song is two step
Floorpunch - Let It Ride: The whole song yet again
Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction: About 1:55, not strictly two step but it could be.

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