what's a good, cheapish amp to get if you want to have distortion and all that stuff? Because at the moment, im just using a 2nd hand Ashton GA158. I play stuff like The Strokes, The Vines, We Are scientists, Wolfmother etc.
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wow, an amp with distortion and all that stuff? that's a tough choice. Amps with distortion are, pretty unique you know.

No really i'm just yankin yer strings. Try a 6505, or a 5150. They just might suit you. They got distortion
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My 2nd amps is a Behringer GMX212. Despite what ppl say ive had no problems w/ it whatsoever and i have played w/ it for about 3k ppl at 1 time, going thru a PA system of course. I also play alot of wolfmother.