I wrote this a while back, picked it up today to look it over, and changed a few things. Not sure I like it or not.

Today a counterpoint deception
With this much I do confess
I never once cared for perfection
I thought I did but I digress
Im not the same in a dream
Never anymore how I do seem
Now that you know what I mean
I never expected to get quite this far
So tell me
Where do I go from here
What am I after
What did I ever know about broken glass
Grating, My neves untangle
From the knots you put them im
So tell me bout the way down
Tell me your every hope and fear
Amber and gold grave my view
Of your way down
Without me on the way down
I miss we being here
I see the stars above me
And I know your hardly near
Tell me a story
of a plane not mine to see
On a day not mine to live
In a way thats barred to me
I take it all for myself
Pay no mind
Your all far behind.
Oooohhhhhh (Big oh deal)
Shoot, Me, Down.
Spiral me down in smoke.
Watch me hit the ground to hard
Smack flat to the dirt and gasp
Breaking all the glass
On my way down.
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