Yeah, I got it on Friday.
My local music store brought it over from one of their shops in a bigger town.

And... It's totally kick arse. Seriously, it's heaven. all that tele love and plays like a wet dream (in a good way, not in a sloppy way!)

Was it a foolish purchase? Well, it is quite pricey (AUD$ 2899), but totally worth it. And the diamond in the headstock makes me feel like a bling bling gangster, well not really.

The high-output bridge pup has great sound coming out of it, real punch and crunch. And the delta tone control is also quite rad when you hit the no-load zone.

fender.com for pics, as they all look the same. Sound clip, possibly at the end of the week.
nice. i'd love a tele or a strat. something to play bluesy clean stuff on.
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=O if only i had the money for an original tele. . .
oh well i dont think i'd be willing to pay that much for a guitar anyway, but that's just coz i'm tight.
Nice I love my tele.

Need those sound clips
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This thread is worthless without pics.
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"We all know what it look's like, but we wanna see it again."
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"We all know what it look's like, but we wanna see it again."


or a picture of you playing it (for my own pervey purposes!!!)
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Thanks for the price info, but I wouldn't order it off the net.

I'd like to see it and more importantly play it. Plus I went over it with a very fine tooth comb. Even though it's a high end instrument, I would expect some fluctuation in quality.

I'll work on some pics, depending what time I knock off from my place of vocation. It's worth it just for a pic of the case.