Which one do you recommend?? I've been listening to sound clips at Musiciansfriend.com all night now and cant decide which one I'd like the best. There's so many to choose from and all sound alike and all promise great things. So i want your opinions on which is best for classic rock and please be specific since there are several crybaby's out there. I currently have the Crybaby Dimebag Wah and I just dont think Im happy with it, I spend too much time messing with all the knobs trying to find the sound I want and cant quite get it. I wish I had a guitar shop nearby to try them out, but I dont, online sound clips is the best I can get i guess. Anyways, right now I've decided that the 535Q might suit me the best. But I want your opinions. Thanks.
if you don't like the cfh, I doubt you will like the 535Q either. The CFH is supposed to be a hotrodded version of the 535Q. Have you checked out the Budda wah yet? It's got a really nice vocal quality for classic rock stuff. There are clips on MF too.
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What about the VOX Wah pedal, thats the classic, supposedly 'ORIGINAL' Wah pedal...but I think they all say that!!! I'd consider that if your going for that 60's 70's classic rock stuff.
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I'd say the Vox V847, I've never heard the Budda but it's supposed to be good for Classic Rock too
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I'd say the Vox V847, I've never heard the Budda but it's supposed to be good for Classic Rock too

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Vox Clyde McCoy.

I have one, I play a lot of classic rock, and it's perfect.
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Vox wah, i play calssic rock and tried one, soudns great for classic rock!
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what about Fulltones?? are they any good for classic rock, specifically the Fulltone Clyde McCoy?