okay. this is kind of hard for me to explain.

but basically whenever i hear some songs, the bass sounds great like for example the bass on the song "Killing in the name of" by Rage against the machine. whenver i play my bass though, it just sounds...bland...and its properly tuned too. the scales are just correct.

i use my pointer finger and my middle finger for the plucking. i just make the string vibrate with a move of my finger....the sound is just correct on the scales. but it doesnt sound as good as when i hear people play bass.

anything else i should know about this? thanks.
what size speaker is in your amp and how many watts? what type of bass.
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Many artists use compression pedals to give their sound more of a "punch" too.
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Playing any of Tim Commerford's (Rage/Audioslave bassist) stuff and hoping to get his exact tone is going to be damn near impossible. He usually uses a bass with his own pickups that he would himself, and gets his dirty tones through a self made distortion pedal. If I were you, I would give up on trying to sound exactly like him, but use that as a basis towards finding your own tone.