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Iwant a new Guitar for Christmas and I have narrowed it down to a Tele or a Strat (Fender not Copies)

I have played both and I love the tone off of the Tele but not the way it looks

I love the look of the strat but the Tone isnt as good as the Tele

Which on do ye think is better It will only slightly affect my Decision
yay, i was the first to vote. Btw, im getting a strat for christmas, so my vote may have been influenced by that. (teles arnt my style)
I'm getting a tele for christmas but I say go for the strat unless you really dislike the tone. (you can always change the pickups)
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Tele's all the way!
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what makes a tele's tone better?
it just has a bridge single coil pickup. dont strats have that as well?
Telecaster man. Don't buy a guitar because of the way it looks. Buy it for sound.
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strat for tweakability - a lot easier to chagne pickups, a lot more sounds, and generally more iconic. but it reall depends on what you're playing, if you're fixed on playing on type of music and the tele suits it then go the tele.
Telecaster. I think they sound better than strats.

I dont get why people think tele's are ugly.
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A strat all the way! Just get a F-hole strat and put a tele pick up in it! ohh and Go on the Irish!
I don't think Tele's are uglier than strats. They're just unique . If you like the tone, go with the Telecaster. You never buy a guitar because of the way it looks.
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Quote by fronkpies
Telecaster. I think they sound better than strats.

I dont get why people think tele's are ugly.

Personally I dont think its ugly I just dont think it looks so Good


a little more info on what i wanna play

I want to play things like the Frames (Glen Hansard usually uses a Tele)
and stuff like Rory Gallagher (He is my God and he used a Strat)

I wanna Play all kinds really so I am looking for the one with the most flexibility for music types
I have two strats and a tele, I can't get them to sound like one another. I would get the one that gives you the tone you're after. I think it would be easier to get the strat sound from the tele than the other way around.