dude...wow.....that was awesome. being a neo-classical guitarist myself i give that a 10/10!!!! that was awesome!!! Line: 10 was my favorite part. Keep it up. killer stuff man!!!!
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Pretty cool...excellent use of counterpoint throughout. It's hard to make a classical piece in a major key that doesn't suck...well it's hard for me at least . Overall it's definitely worth adding to...unless you want to keep it really short.
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I'm not a big fan of classical pieces, but that worked really well. Bar 12 had a cool feel to it. It'd be cool if you could add on to this with some more parts. Good job.
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Yeah, I'm not really a fan of classical stuff but that was pretty cool. Um... I think it was bar 15 or 14 with the harmonizing, I liked that one. 8/10. You should add to it.