I'm putting together my own RHCP album, I'm looking at about 16 tracks. To help me do this I would like to know as many peoples top 5 RHCP tunes as possible. The tracks that get the most votes overall go on the album. Also I don't want the usual songs that have been in the charts all time. Yes they can be in your top five but lets put a bit thought into it with songs like DOSED and Venice Queen.
Magic Johnson

Blackeyed Blonde


Subway To Venus

Party On Your Pussy

...ya can't deny.
Good Time Boys, Sir Psycho Sexy, American Ghost Dance, Quixoticelixer, Get Up and Jump.

Their stuff from after One Hot Minute doesn't really appeal to me anymore..
I Could Of Lied

Purple Stain

Taste The Pain

One Hot Minute

Storm In A Teacup
zephyr song

Pretty little ditty

Cant stop

Scar tissue


Yes im a hits man
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
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If it's your own fantasy chose the songs you like and not what other people like... duur.

of course... GOON... a little input from other fans would not hurt?!

dude, i still think you need "Can't Stop" in there... just for the intro
Gung-ho Mofo
Stay off my thread you f**king prick. Read the title does it say anything about it being my fantasy album, the only thing I say is that I'm putting my own together, that is because theres no point anyone else putting it together if I want to listen to it. The idea of a forum is discussion you thick sh*t, whats the matter could you not think of 5 songs or can you just not count to 5. Now f**k off and listen to your backstreet boys album.
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^Easy, calm down and shut up, in either order. Wow...and I thought Chili Peppers fans were cool.

Still, Abe's fave uncommon (as in I'm not gonna pick the recent ones that everyone says) Chilis songs are...

Love Rollercoaster - Knock Me Down - This Velvet Glove - On Mercury - Rolling Sly Stone

I've only ever found the last one on live in Hyde Park, and I'm not even sure if it's a cover or a b-side or what, but it's ace. Oh yeah, and Soul To Squeeze too, from the Coneheads soundtrack and the Greatest Hits. Thtas my 6th choice
Firstly I have calmed down now and secondly Chili Pepper fans are cool. Not sure I appreciate you telling me to shut up but I suppose I probably deserved it, it was a bit over the top. This velvet glove is a quality track, glad someone else has picked up on this. Not got a copy of the last track you mentioned but appreciated the others.