Hi all, i recently gave my Ibanez Grg270 a restring and clean where i removed all the strings and cleaned it all up then replaced them all. Im not entirely sure on the type of bridge i have but the strings go in from the back come out the bridge and go up the neck as usual - i dont see any locking things for it to be a locking thing . Ok so heres the problem once i had it all good and done, i was tuning up and all the strings wernt tuning properly and then i realised that the bridge was being pulled upward. Now im not sure hwo to get it back to the original position. I read somewhere that it may have been due to the thicker gauge strings i used, but im not sure how to balance it back out. Any help at all will be appreciated.

I know this is no use to you at the moment, but in future when you re-string.. take one string off at a time.. then put the new one on.. then take the next one off.. etc..

You have a floating bridge which means that the strings actually hold the bridge in place.

Sorry I know this was barely any help!
I took off all the strings to give it a good clean really. i attempted to change some things before reading much about it and i kinda screwed up my "intonation" but i read up and corrected that . I think i need to chang ethe tension in the back somewhere with the springs to even out the bridge but im not too sure how to go about it, i read that this one guy had put the springs on a diagonal, any pros/cons/ideas on that?and if i did it would i pu tit like the top one like / and the bottom spring like \ or the top like \ and the bottom like /. Plus i have 3 springs.

Sorry for my lack of lingo, but if anyone can understand that i greatly appreciate any help i can get. cheers.
no worries! Well if you open up the back of the guitar.. you should see a metal plate which is holding the springs which connect to the bridge.


In that metal plate should be a screw.. you'll need to loosen or tighten it until your bridge is in the right place. Tightening the screw pulls on the springs pulling the brudge lower.. and loosening them releases the pressure on the springs and makes the bridge go higher.

Before you do, remember to unlock all the saddles (if your bridge does lock) so that you don't snap all the strings.