don't even know (or care) if this is an original thread...apologies in advance for all those who are just repeating themselves.

If your like me and only been to a select few live gigs then it's interesting to know if there's someone out there i'm really missing


as i said i've not been to many but the Foo's at old trafford stick out like a sore thumb...i'm sure MUSE at MEN in november will sort that!
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muse at meadowbank in edinburgh was an amazin gig although MCR were supporting and they were ****
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yeah my girlfriends been muse 5 times and says they're really good live - as you would expect!

said that Matt Bellamy did this funky thing with a light up piano last time - awesome!
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Nine black alps, thats only because ive never had the money to see anyone big
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Muse is great I saw them in LA over the summer they put on a hell of a show. Best live show I ever attended was Radiohead, it blew my mind. The Mars Volta is my favorite live show, i've seen them guys 7 times. definetly check them out
saw oasis at city of manchester stadium last year on the same day as v8, one of best days of me life - will neva forget it!!!
i JUST saw avenged sevenfold at a ballroom in Des Moines, IA. Ruled so hard
i agree, muse are a great band to see live

iron maiden put on a hellava show, went to too see them at earls court in 2003 and they were amazing, two and a half hours pure power metal godliness! FFAF supported and they were pretty good too
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I'm not that big of an SOAD fan, but their final performance together before the break they're on right now, in West Palm Beach, contained the greatest display of music I've ever experienced in my earthly existence.
rhcp, pearl jam, radiohead, paul mccartney are the best i've seen
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Probably Agnostic Front.

And guess what bitches?


Sorry, had to get that out of my system.
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the fall of troy

I saw them with Protest the Hero, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and the Blackout Pact.

Defnitley one of the best shows I've been to.
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RHCPhysco for the win.

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Nine black alps, thats only because ive never had the money to see anyone big

I saw them w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wolfmother, The Mars Volta, The Subways, Rock kills kid and some other ppl.

I would have 2 say
Chili Peppers
Dennis DeYoung Of STYX was amazing solo
The Romantics

Theres more that i cant think of so ill get back 2 u all later.
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I'm seeing Muse in November, should be great.

Tool are stunning live.

Tool is amazing live
its cool that they played with Kirk and that he did the whole "im not worthy" thing
ive got more respect for metallica now
i also heard that RHCP played phenominally well live and flea and frusciante know how to employ solos
September 5th 2006, PEARL JAM live at Atlantic Pavillon, here in Lisbon.
I've also been in Superbock Superock festival ( Primitive Reason, ALICE IN CHAINS, Deftones, Placebo, TOOL ), Rock In Rio 2006 ( Orishas, Kasabian, Da Weasel and RHCP ) and Phil Collins ( June 3rd, 2004 ).
Loved them all, but Pearl Jam was no doubtfully the best. I have an upcoming gig, which I think it's gonna be amasing: TOOL, November 5th, Lisbon. Is anyone going there too?
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i also heard that RHCP played phenominally well live and flea and frusciante know how to employ solos

Dam right you are. Flea is awesome live.
In the end of Give It Away, the last song, they jammed with Chad Smith. Daaammmm good!
The Flaming Lips

It was something very special - they put on one hell of a show.
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