I just bought my new Monterey MGB 3BK "warlock looking" guitar and i cant do pinch harmonics on it , And i dont know why ( and its not me or my amp) and suggestions on how to get a good pinch harmonic out of this beast???
Could you do them on your old guitar?

Maybe this one has a different scale length, so the harmonic nodes are located in different places?

Maybe (just MAYBE) it's not got very good pickups, so it doesn't bring the harmonics out.
Whack up the gain a bit. Always helps.
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Yeah i could do them on my old guitar , but its got 2 humbucker pickups , cant see how its doing it , but looks like i'm going to be pinch harmonicness... =(
And my gain kicks ass , I got a Marshall 50watt DFX Amp , it cost me $700 I'm telling you its not the amp! =P
pup = pickup dude.

Its jus getting used to a different guitar. I went from nailing them on my 2nd guitar, to when i got my 3rd, i couldn't hit any!

They will be in different places on the string. It jus takes time, it's like learning them again.
Perhaps it's just because you're not use to your new guitar yet. I had to get used to my new one, I can do pinch harmonics unplugged. Make sure you don't pinch above the pickup you're using either, otherwise the pickup won't notice any string vibrating because of the node.