What are people thoughts on a PRS Santana SE. Thinking of Getting the guitar. Have Looked at the epiphone les paul and a fender mexican start. Any other guitar i should look at for around the same price range before buying? I can get it the Santana for $800 Aus i thought that was a good price. I play classic rock, Blues and alternative rock
thanks for your help
if you have $800 to spend then i suggest waiting just a little longer and saving up alittle more and buying an american deluxe strat. It will be well worth your wait.
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I cant save anymore need to by another car. the guitar is 50% percent off. Well since its on special they add an extra $300 to the normal price they would have sold it for.
well if you like blues grab the epiphone LP, i used to have one and the electricty used to flow