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I have already aborted my previous mod idea (too complicated for my lame talents) and I want now simply white finish with gold stripes on, similar to old Eddie Van Halen guitar but with single background colour. My fast question for you guys - does it look cool, or maybe lame? Maybe I should add another background colour (like red, blue (silver?) to make it more "interesting" and less "I-had-just-one-can-of-paint-to-do-this"? Or maybe leave it just with white colour without any stripes (like Vai's white JEM - my guitar is Ibanez RG)?


(visualisation made via http://www.jcfonline.com/resources/csgen/SoloistCustomShop.htm)
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I think the gold is too light to notice the detail.
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Personally, I'd leave the gold stripes off of the body, and keep the rest the way it is. I absolutely love the soft gold nut, tuners, and bridge against the white.
It looks OK, its your guitar so whatever you like.

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if the stripes are done like the evh yellow and black it could look good.
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Men, I had this guitar black! You should have told me before I started sanding :-) But - you really think white/gold wuoldn't work together? I think I should stay with pure white finish... Thanks for help!
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Well, it doesn't look that good with only white and gold..
looks bad if you ask me. either make it with black and yellow or make up another idea.
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