alright so i have this piece of **** strat that i really dont like. so i decided im gonna trick it out. the first thing i want to do is sand it all down and repaint it and maybe put in a lay-in. after that i want to change the pickups out to somethin else i havent decided yet. and the last thing i want to do but i doubt its possible is to throw a floyd rose in there. now the problem is, i have never done anything like this before on my own so i was wonderin if anyone knows how to do all of this and is good at it and if they would be willing to help me out through it.

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first floyd rose, than paint. you will need to route out the cavity, then paint it.
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Install the Floyd Rose first, although I wouldn't suggest a do it yourself attitude here unless you're familiar and good with wood working. You're gonna have to take measurements of the Floyd, then get a router and rout out the cavity to fit it in, as well as resize the one on the back in order to accomadate the full sweep of the trem block. I'd definately have this done by a professional. You could completely ruin the guitar doing this wrong.
ya i kno the risk involved i mean i got the guitar for free and its a total piece of **** so i really wouldn't mind messin it up thats why i want to do it by myself. if the guitar actually meant somethin to me then yea i would have it done by a professional, but this is somethin i want to learn how to do cuz i eventually want to open up a small guitar shop
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