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Great amp, Good value, Get it.
3 16%
Good, but there are better amps at that price range.
7 37%
2 11%
Haven't Heard Of It.
7 37%
Voters: 19.
I was about to buy one, until I found out that it doesn't support the FBV Longboard... jerks.
Quote by platypus
Well I've been looking for a good combo bass amp and i came across the line 6 lowdown. Just wanted to know what you guys thought of it.
Don't buy it for one Major reason and that is a 12" speaker which is totaly useles unless you just want it as an onstage monitor whilst Di-ing through the PA.
Save up fot the 175 or another brand of 15" combo.
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300 watt 15" powered cab
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1x15x10 + horn
you might want a 15 to be heard
unless that has speaker outs and you utilize that
but you should save up for the 175
so what would be a better amp at it's price range?
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playtypus you save the day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i agree go for the 175.
however i did overhear some of the salesman at a big music store around here say the lowdown was quote "low alright.. low quality" so i'd have to assume quality close to behringer amps. also line 6 is all digital like their spider amps, and some ppl migh tnot like that sound.
i would agree with the 75, however i would go for another amp.. whats your price range?
^ about US$500
Quote by mong12345
playtypus you save the day again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah the line 6;s are all digital and get an amp with like the pure bass sound like an ampeg BA115? or something like that?
dude, get the ld300 w, 15" speaker, mui settings, high quality, too little cash, that's why god invented ebay.
i first played the lowdown in a store and had to have it, i'm completely satisfied with mine, however, avoid UPS fedex if possible. UPS has been known to brake the somewhat fragile cases.
Quote by platypus
^ about US$500

dude, why dont you go for like GK, or Ampeg or SWR, something like that.. go for that pure bass tone... These are LIne Six's first bass amps.. although they got good reviews and have been out for some time now.. but still i would go with more trusted names..
I thought of getting a GK head+SWR cab nx year. It is gonna be better than Line 6 as in
giving out your prefered sound settings or stuffs like that. I just read the review today and
the thing is quite 'digitally made'. But if you're one of those busy guys on the set, you might
as well just go for the LD175 or LD300 Pro.