My friend is replacing the LFR with an OFR on his guitar. Are all locking nuts the same (Can he just keep the curent one on?) or will it have to be replaced by the one in the OFR kit?
The nut should be fine, but he should worry about if the OFR will fir in the LFR's routing...
He's going to check that out before he orders the OFR. It's a Peavey Rotor EX, do you know anything about the trem on it?
I doubt you "need" to change it, but IMO, there is a difference in quality of the materials used. The OFR nut I had felt physically heavier than the LFR nuts I had out of the guitar, it felt like steel while the others almost felt like alloy. They match the correct nut by your neck width, for example, my Ibanez matched with R2. You can order the kit with the correct nut. Any FR dealer should be able to tell you which nut you need depending on what guitar he has.
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