hi i've just bought a vox advt120 which is a great amp but has that many settings on it i'm really struggling to get the sounds i want out of it. I'm trying for a santana type sound for one song and a brian may sound for another can't get either..has anyone out there found the right settings for either of these?
I have the VOX AD50VT which has the same speaker and basically sounds the same, but with less wattage. For the Brian May sound, try the UK 80's preset and tinker with the gain a bit, and add some reverb or another effect of your liking.
Usually sounds good for all type of classic rock. As for Santana, I don't know. Try Boutique amp preset and go from there.
cheers for that - will try it tomorrow as the wife's tut tuting now as i've had two friends round who're both axe mad !