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What is everyones favorite video game of all time? I would make a poll but theres to many to list.

I would have to go with legend of zelda ocarina of time. I cry everytime i beat it

Super mario 64 is godly also, and the madden football games are classics.
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of all time?

Pokemon. I worshipped that game 5 years ago.

Right now... Im beating Call of Duty 2 for the second time (on hardened) Battlefield 2 was good. Any military FPS I like. No MMOs, thats the only thing i dont like.

EDIT: I forgot the GTA series. I loved 3, vice city rawkd, and san andreas was decent, i just didnt like the first island.

I liked the first Metal gear and the first Deus Ex, and the Mafia parts of GTA 3
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Without a doubt pokemon. i was obsessed, but these days it's got to be the half life games
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MGS & FFVII on psone

and of course there's Championship Manager 01/02

speaking which does anyone know how to obtain a patch for this seasons teams?/
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Final Fantasy Tactics.
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Final Fantasy III - Super Nintendo

I've beaten that game more than 20 times, and it's like 50 hours long, I have endless Final Fantasy knowlege.
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don't know my favourite by now but at the moment acid arena monster blast via LAN
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final fantasy X, what a game, if u can get through the abosloute ton of movies/talks

it created a whole world, with religions and, wow, and the graphics, the game never ceases to amaze me

otherwise yeah the pokemon games, (eagerly awaits pearl and diamond, im still a 10 yr old in side)

PS3 rawks
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What is everyones favorite video game of all time? I would make a poll but theres to many to list.

I would have to go with legend of zelda ocarina of time. I cry everytime i beat it

Super mario 64 is godly also, and the madden football games are classics.

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My favorite of all time is MGS3
all sports video games are queer...zelda and mario are like kids games..shooting games just get boring too quick..i dont like video gmaes :/
Metal Gear Solid 3 all the way. I can't get it enough of it. I was playin it earlier for the billionth completion on european extreme
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All the Zelda games.

But there will always be a special place in my heart for Harvest Moon.
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zelda ocarina of time, closely followed by half-life 2 or eternal darkness
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StarWars Battlefront
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unreal tournament is soo much fun
grand theft auto games
hogs of war, also fun
final fantasy X
Ff7 Ftw
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Metal Gear Solid
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Ocarina of Time...SM64...Half-Life (I prefer the first)...Vice City.

Also, would that person like to explain why Mario and Zelda are kids games? They can actually be VERY hard. Especially a Link to the Past. Jesus Christ, I swear that's impossible
rome: total war
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In no order*

MGS series, Counter-Strike, Halo series, Star-Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty 2, Goldeneye, Rainbow Six series, Ghost Recon series.

Yeah, I like a lot of First Person Shooters.
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Hm.... not TOO sure. Video Games are like my music, I'm very open to different kinds, I'll just go by genre

Platform- Ratchet and Clank 2 (Going Commando I think....)
FPS- Single Player- Half Life 2, Multiplayer- Halo 2
RPG- Final Fantasy VII
RTS- Command and Conquer Red Alert series
Music- Guitar Hero and I'll say Amped
Sports- NCAA Football 2006
Other- GTA: San Andreas (Couldn't think of a genre.)
Sony- Resident Evil 4, God of War, and Killzone
Microsoft- Forza Motorsports and the KOTOR series
Nintendo- Legend of Zelda: OoT, Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, and SSB series.
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Trying to be a little origanal, crimson skies, i also loved the pokemon series
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Mines a three-way(ha ha) tie between three games

Super Mario World (This one is on the SNES and it was the game that introduced the World to Yoshi. Some people call the game Yoshis Island but it is NOT the game with baby Mario)

Super Mario World 64

Sonic 2
Best ever... hm... probably either Jak and Daxter or one of the super mario bros arena games.
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warcraft 3 the frozen throne.
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Mine would definatly have to be Blood Omen 2 for PC.
I can't find that goddamn game anywhere anymore though
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