Can anyone recommend finger positioning while playing these riffs, im really having a hard time and id rather adjust to a "correct" position than a "wrong" one.



g|-7-7----- 5------|
D|-7-7--3--5--5-5-| X
D|------ 3---- -5-5-|

What fingers would you have on the first and third positions in the second riff.

Im really having trouble with riffs, i can do solos pretty well but damn i cant play simple riffs like these at all .
well since its all power chords i would use my index finger on the low D or E string, my ring finger on the A sting, and my pinky on the D string

you could also use your middle finger and ring finger depending on how big your hands are, but i prefer to keep it easy.
since im one of those people who decided to learn the guitar alone i have no idea what power chords are but thanks ill go check the lessons,,,excuse the ignorance.
For the standard tuning riff, I'd say index finger on the low E, third on the A, and pinky on the D. For the drop-D riff, use the same fingerings for the A string chords and index finger barred on the low D.