Awhile ago over here in Hollywood my band was playing a show when some guys came in that looked real familiar. We got to talking and turned out it was the singer and drummer from the band Time Again. Time Again is a band signed to Hellcat Records and look similar to Rancid circa Lets Go album. It was strange because were listening to their CD in my car on our way to the venue.

They stayed and watched us play and got around to hanging out with them til around 6-7 in the morning. What happened that night was rather strange though. Strange but confidential.

Anyway, my band is recording this weekend at their recording studios in Hollywood. I guess they're producing us you could say.

My question is, has anyone heard of this band? If so what are your thoughts of them? I've seen them a few times. I thought they were a good live band and their full length CD is good as well. Anyone else?
i love their album.
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So....something "strange and confidential" happened and now they're producing you and you're recording in their studio.

Was it.......?

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i love time again!!! until recently, i was pretty strictly into the old school punk. lately, i've been getting into some of the more contemporary punk bands like time again, and the ducky boys. theres also this sick skapunk band called the flatliners that i just heard like two months ago. i've been hooked ever since.
Ye ah, if you liked Rancids Lets Go or especially Rancid[2000] you'd like Time Again. Way cool guys too.
They are good like choco chip cookies
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