Ok. I'm a bassist/vocalist with 3+ years experience, and I'm doing my 3rd live show next Friday. And it's huge. 2500+ people at a football game.

What they want to do is have a "rock band" rather than a pit band to take up some halftime space and some pregame entertainment. Anyway, when it comes to amp power, I've only got a pair of 100w combos for onstage, making for 200w total horsepower.

My question: what's better, miking or DI?

When it comes to the stage setup, there will be at least two vocal mics. The drums may not get miked, but they may get up to 3 mics if they decide to do so. The guitar cabs will be miked. If we get a keyboardist, he will DI.

I don't really know much about the difference between miking and DI'ing bass due to my limited performance experience, can you guys help?
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Mic it. With a mic, you get all the boominess of the cab, as well as the tone of the amp. When you DI, there is no boomy bass sound.

I suggest placing the mic between one of the speakers and the tweeter.

EDIT: Almost forgot to say good luck

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Well it depends on the size of the stage, how good their mics are, the acoustics of the venue. Personally, i would take a line-out from my amp to the PA. I wouldnt bother with micing it up. To mic up bass you need some seriously good mics to get a decent sound, not some old SM58's. You're not recording, just playing. I would give the mics to the drum kit - it's essential to have at least three mics on the drum kit, and really that is not enough. Anyway, the venue will have a sound engineer who will look after all this side of things so i wouldnt worry about it too much..

Hope it all goes well mate
i recommend going direct to the PA. use you're line-out, to a direct box, if possible.
this will let you hear yourself through the amps. listen to the sound person there,
they'll know.