i was wondering, if i were to take apart a pedal (lets say a distortion or an overdrive) and cram it into my guitar (esp lted m-55, fairly large cavity) cavity, is there any internal preamp in the pedal that could let me play directly into headphones? or will i simply have the effect onboard. thanks in advance
you will need space for batterys but yea you might have to rout out some extra space but yea do it but dont go for anything too much cus knobs just don look good dude.
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cool thanks
not that i dont trust you, but some confirmation from other users would put me more at ease :]
otherwise, im doin it soon!
Im thinking of doing the same thing, Im pretty sure you could play into headphone thou, well, atleast with the pedal i would think you could, because when you stomp on the switch to get distorion and turn the volume up it gets louder, thus the pedal must amplify some what.
wrong. I jsut tried on my distortion pedal it works fine. Just a littel quiet...
really? because i tryed it with my ts9 tube screamer maxed out, and a 20 db tube booster and i still couldnt hear anything
gah i need an answer!
hehe, if someone with a pedal could just use a 9volt and headphones and come out with a conclusive answer, that would be so awesome!
I jsut said I did, ds-1 w/ headphones and adapter guitar to the right side of pedal, headphones to the left side. Works fine.
but its more expensive than just buying a crap pedal and getting onboard effects all in one shot
really, dude its like 20 bucks, thats worth doing, you cant find a decent pedal for that