So I'm an effect *****.. I've come to terms with it, but I figure the more colors in my palatte, the more vivid picture i can paint... anyways I'm looking for new and interesting sounds, particularly for pop/rock/alternative. I'm a big fan on Third Eye Blind and during the verse "The sky was gold" the lead guitar is playing a very cool lead line with some interesting effects. At first I thought it was just a wah pedal kicked back in the bass a bit but I think I missing something. Help?

Also any idea for new cool sounds would be great, I've currently got my distortion, overdrive, delay, reverse, wah, fuzz, and vibe bases covered. Was thinking about a phaser but I don't have any good examples on how to use them effectively. Any other ideas? Octave pedal maybe?
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If you get a phaser, I reccomend an MXR Phase 90 or an Electro Harmonix Small Stone.
These go to eleven...