Does anyone have any suggestions for some kind of small simple recording setup. I have several older pc laying around doing nothing can I use something like that.

Any suggestions would be great.

what are you planning on recording? just one electric guitar? vocals? acoustic instruments? drums? piano?
what is your budget? $50? $500? $5000?
what you are going to need to record really depends on what you want to do and how much you can spend. you can get your guitar onto your computer for under $10, but the quality isnt very good. if you spend a bit more you can get some decemt quality recordings for an instrument or two. spending more can get you a full band recorded with each mic/instrument going to individual tracks. so just give a bit more about what you want to do and ill try to help you out.
Well mostly I just want to record my guitar work, but if I can spend a few more dollars and not be locked into just a single track that would be good. As far as a budget I have not really set one but it looks like for 250 or so I can buy a small recorder but I don't know if that is all I will need or not. I guess an equipment breakdown as to what I need would be good as well. I don't know much about this part so any help would be great.