I have been puzzling with the thought of making my next guitar a bit more... individiual, and so I figured out the "smart" and "new" and "original" idea of building my own.

Basically what I want is a Telecaster styled guitar, although with some heavy metal style to it, and I don't have the skills nor patience to cut out my own body or neck, so I figured I just order everything I need of parts from Allparts.com, including body and neck, excluding pickups and strings.

What I kinda came up with after a while of looking was a standard all-black Tele-body with a standard solid maple neck with no finish, alternatively one neck I found on allparts that was all black and in graphite, and having a chrome diamond pickguard, chromed skull knobs, chromed skull straplocks, a basic chromed tele-bridge, chromed sperzel locking tuners and a chromed locking nut.

Will this kind of "death metal"-look (not quite death metal, but still) compare with the Tele's distinct body shape?

Are bodys and necks from allparts.com any good, if anyone has experience with them?

Estimated Allparts total was 858 USD plus an EMG active pickup set at 196 USD, summing up at about 1054 USD. Is it worth it, quality-wise versus price-wise? Would I get a better guitar ordering from Fender Custom with same specs, though probably at double prize?

EDIT: All hardware in chrome, didn't mention that, but quite obvious :P the pickups are gonna be black, though
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