i'm in a rut i'm tryin to move from rhythm guitar onto lead and have learned a few scales and riffs but don't seem to be moving on very fast. am i jus losing patience? any suggestions?
Maybe get some lessons, or if you are try a new teacher. It?s always good to have some guidance from someone more experienced.
try somthing "new" as in... get some tabs from different types of music... country... blues... oldies. all of those have great lead guitar in the songs. i find that when im stuck i either put down the guitar and play piano for awhile or i jsut go for somthing completely different.
Don't just learn a few scales, learn a lot of them. You should at least know your penatonic, major, natural minor, and modes of major. Also, learn how these scales relate, and what sounds good with what. Play around, write your own music, ect. It all takes time, and knowledge.
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