how are the x-x played? ive looked thru a bunch of tabs and they just say mute..is it a plam mute or what?

the other part is the

this is a triad. but what does that mean? play it really fast?

thx in advance!
thats a muted string, not a palm mute if its a palm mute it will say PM above the staff. and in music a triad is just a group of three notes, play it at normal speed the way its written.
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But from the looks of it, the part with the 3 above the notes might be indicating you to play triplet notes

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A triad is a group of three notes having a specific construction and relationship to one another. They are constructed on 3 consecutive lines or three consecutive spaces. Each member of the triad is separated by an interval of a third. The triad is composed of a Root, Third, and Fifth. That isn't a triad, it's just a triplet. In other words, you play those three notes quicker than you would the notes around it(they can take the place of an 8th note, quarter note, 3-8th's, etc.) And yeah, the other x-x's are just muted strings played by laying your hand(fingers) across the fretboard when you pick it to negate the sound.
cool, thx guys.

my world. your explanation was exactly what i was looking for. thx a ton
Sanatarium huh?

The x's are left hand mute, where you dont press hard enough to fret the note, but it makes a "chk" sound.
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ooh sanitarium, good choice, the xs mean muted strings, to do this i usually have my hands ready to form the g5, but my fingers arent using much pressure, i pick the strings twice THEN press down on the g5 and pick etc,