Getting one. Which one. Hope you know. I need a good grunge sound, and a friend of mine (a professional musician) said a pre-amp might help. I did some research and came up with nothing. Help? Please?
uhhhh....hold on a sec..

*rummage, rummage, rummage*

a 15 watt Kustom Dart 10 Lead Guitar Amplifier.

Friend will sell me his older amp when I get some more money after buying a new guitar awhile ago.

Don't knw much about pre-amps, so I 'll need some explanation
by "pre-amp" he probably means an effects pedal or a multi-effects pedal. All combo amps and amp heads already have a power amp and preamp built into them. The preamp is what colors your sound, the power amp is what amplifies it and feeds the speaker.
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