either used or new.. I was just thinking like a Fender Squire P Bass+amp starter kit but I'd like to get some feedback from you guys first before i make the leap and purchase my first bass+amp.

Suggestions within the $300 price range would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

squire sounds good and if your on a budgeet definitly a package unless in some weird way you can get something better for cheaper but for begginners packs are so convenient.you also don't have to get squire you could get soemthing else or if your music store has like ones where you can choose the bass you get and get an amp and its not in a box but off a shelf or stand I usually find they're higher quality basses.
I think an Ibanez Starter pack gets better reviews.

I would see if your local area on Craigslist has good deals tho, they usually do. I would suggest having a friend who knows guitar or bass at least decently to come with you to check out the used equipment for a second opinion on how it is.
Dude.. are you kidding? they always have great started deals in Vancouver on craigslist


This should be a BIT above starter level (MRW isnt very good, but it should be better than squier, and the amp is 25W, instead of the 10 or 15 in a normal starter) and its 350, and im sure you could haggle it down to 250-300


This one has an SX bass, great quality, its like the "Better than a squier, lower price, cant beat that" kinda bass lol. Everyone thinks SX Jazz basses are some of the best value basses you can get. i dont know about the amp tho... 250 CDN tho if you want.
My first bass is a tanglewood 4k rebel. It had some really good reviews and the colours are fantastic .

It's quite light, basswood body, but I wouldn't use it with a pick because it doesn't have a scratchplate.

I got it for £200 ($300?) for the whole package.

Picture (purple burst)

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FSB: come back to this thread with a link from craigslist that you wanna know if its good or not, and we as bassists will help you out! and ill make sure to try to help you out as a local friend too
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FSB: come back to this thread with a link from craigslist that you wanna know if its good or not, and we as bassists will help you out! and ill make sure to try to help you out as a local friend too





which one would u guys pick?
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I would honestly say the first or last ones because they have amps as well. They are the best quality (for the price) and maybe the first one a little bit more because I've used that amp and its really good for beginners. Although I am not in love with epiphones (I pretty much hate them with a passion) it looks ok (only if you could mix and match the Ibanez eh!)
ill list my thoughts on each:

1) seems like an overall good deal, my one "beef" would be with the epiphone bass.. dunt like em that much lol

2) too much for an RBX, and it dosnt even come with an amp: definately no.

3) same as above.

4) i think this is probably the nicest bass out of the 5 (i THINK), but again, if you want an amp, this isnt for you. Though if you're ok with no amp and dont mind dishing out over 200 for just a bass, this might not be a bad idea.

5) This one seems like the best beginner deal, i'd choose this OR 1. but probably this

Conclusion: 5 or 1, MAYBE 4, most likely 5 And try to haggle down anyway, it would be nice if you could get it down to 200, eh? lol. start by saying something like "180" for the ones listed at 250, and work from there lol.

good luck!
How about assuming they were all the same price and did NOT come with an amp. Which bass GUITAR is the best? Oh and the Fender bass is $150 firm, i just emailed the guy.

edit: http://vancouver.craigslist.org/msg/231705576.html

how about that one?
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Ibanez Starter Pack

This is by far the best pack ive seen around. Its about 300 usd but i dont know about canadian.
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Probably somewhere around 350 canadian, which is still a killer price.
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about that last craigslist one:

i was GOING To show you that, but its a head. You would need a cabinet ( a speaker, basically) to go along with it. But on the plus side, thats one HELL of a deal, from the looks of it.

So id go with that if you're willing to spend another few hundred on a cabinet. Bear in mind that by that time you'd have a Nice meduim (not even beginner) amp setup.
either the ibanez with the case, or the BB350.

If you can dish it out, get the yamaha, because its a step above beginner, and comes with a really good case, imo.

Guy in a review (who coincidentally bought one for 250 CDN used LOL) said it was great to have as his first bass, because it was really a lot better than any begginner bass he coulda got. a lot of bang for your buck, apparently lol.
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Definately (cant spell) the Ibanez. Its a kick arse guitar IMO. The amps a little puny though...
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