This started off with me playing Broken and singing it and pressing record, then im like hmmm ill try to add some back ups. Even tho Amy lee is clearly out of my range, I dont care, I tried, you gotta challenge yourself. Any feedback is cool, crit4crit.

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good recording quality. vocals were good. You did a damn good job on the back up. Those were pretty high and you didnt do bad at all. vocals = 4/5 because of one part were you were flat for a while. nice job. crit my band


we have HORRIBLE RECORDING, but were working on it. please bare with me and give us some feedback by PMing me or send us a message there.
you're probally my favorite artist on here, your recordings are always great to listen to, and this one is no different.

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sorry, the high vox sounded like Daron Malakian was singing backup...hated it...maybe it's because that song has sentimental value, but you can't mess with the original version..
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I really like it. Very good for a rough try, impressive vocals. Only thing I could say is that I find the guitar tone a bit bland, but that's normal as you're on folk.
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Awesome cover, Shaun Morgan has a TERRIFIC voice so good work on doing your own awesome thing with it!

I'll agree on the guitar tone, maybe give Seether's One Cold Night a listen for acoustic tone on it??
my pet peeve is people saying wierd stuff at the beginning of songs.... but minus that, its pretty damn good, pretty good back up singing, thats high as hell haha but not bad, definitely not your best but still pretty good