So i am lost when it comes to acoustic amps. Like this is dumb but I always figured you could use an electric amp, but aparently not.

So my question is for some, any, suggestions about good acoustic amps. Like what brands are good, or if the good brands of electric amps have the same quality within the acoustic amp realm.

My budget is around 200- 350 dollars, and im also not so sure about the wattage.. i need enough to jam with other guitars and be heard. Also i play classical if that makes any difference what so ever.

So at first glances, these are what I was looking at.




... but really im shooting blanks when it comes to this, so any opinions, suggestions, or information would be very much appreiciate.

Thanks. Playdoh
ive got a behringer myself and its good and can be loud with good settings, i may be a newbie at guitar(1 year) but id go with behringer myself.
For that money Id say go for the Behringer. More features for a good price. I have it at work and I play through it a lot.

Of course if you have a lot of cash to blow look into UltraSound's Pro200 ... DAMN that thing is soooo nice!
not crazy about the quality of any of those.

ive got a 25W ibanez acoustic. with a 1/4" mic input. its a nice sound, but it pops and cracks when i click it off.

behringer and crate arent known for their reliability either.

loud acoustic stuff i use a roland chorus 60. $500.

acoutic amps are pretty expensive. it's not that u cant use an electric amp wt a good clean. so make sure u need it.

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yeah i just use my electric amp, on clean, with the volume on my accoustics preamp turned very low.
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wat u cant use an electric amp?? how come??
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Acoustics have a different dynamic and tonal quality than electric guitars. Most acoustic amps have a more warmer tone and give an overal better sound than any electric amp could ever do, and vice versa. However, this only applies to the really good amps otherwise, you can't tell the difference, haha.
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I've found that by plugging straight into the poweramp of a guitar amp (the effect loop receive) you get a better tone. If they have a PA where you're gigging, take that instead of any type of amp (provided your acoustic has a preamp).
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