My band is playing a show soon, and we need to find one more cover to work with, the set is approx. half an hour. were a four piece comprised of

Myself -guitar

Does anyone have any suggestions of an upbeat song we could cover that would incorporate the piano. our style is sort of sam roberts-ish so i was maybe thinking one of his. Generally i don't really care about the style, because in covering a song you make it your own. I'm just having trouble thinking of ones that would incorporate the piano.
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Any song by Bon Jovi: It's my life, Bad Medicine, Runaway, ...
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Well you could just have the pianio play chords for any song.
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Umm Children of Bodom? They got some kickass keyboards
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Masturbate. A lot. Seriously.

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Queen? The Doors? McCartney/Beatles?
(Killers Queen) (Any one) (Rubber Soul era?)

Sorry if this doesn't help, never heard of that guy you wan to sound like.