hey all im looking for a band in the brampton, Ontario area preferably with some peeps in highschool.

im sorta new been playing for a bit more than a year on and off,
i play mostly punk/thrash stuff but would be willing to do other styles of music

influences include: Propagandhi, Pennywise, Alexisonfire, Strike Anywhere, etc.\

yah so drop a message if you could help me out :p

edit::: --- Also i figured i should add the equipment i have

Guitars - Godin SD
Yamaha AES420

my amps arent terrific, i have a little 5 watt amp and a 15 watt
but hopefully i will be getting a new amp in the near future.
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can u play lead or sing?
I don't ask for much
Truth be told I'll settle for
A life less frightening, a life less frightening
tony, where abouts do u live?
I don't ask for much
Truth be told I'll settle for
A life less frightening, a life less frightening
I live near Trinity Common Mall, which is pretty much at the end of the 410. I go to school at St.Edmund Campion.

If it's kinda far from you don't worry, I go to school by Transit so I have a Monthly pass, I can go anywhere in Brampton, and as far as Humber College or Westwood Mall.

My grandparents and uncle live in etobicoke, but I don't go there too often, probably only every weekend. Where are you evilapproaches?
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duno wut u mean by evil aproaches, but my place is round the islington and dundas area but our drummer lives in the rathburn west mall area
I don't ask for much
Truth be told I'll settle for
A life less frightening, a life less frightening
i live kinda near trinity common. Also im not quite sure if i can sing or not, some people have said im good others have said im ****, and i can't really judge for myself. Also i play rythm guitar mostly but can play some lead if needed.

oh also i live close to the Bramalea City Centre
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ummm i dont know not that far but i guess i would be able to bus to places if needed, where abouts do you live?
well to tell you the truth the new alexisonfire doesnt really include my influences anymore , because in my opinion their new stuff blows (no offence to the people out their who like the new stuff, i just dont enjoy it), umm any influences similar to alexisonfire... umm well not really i guess i could always name off other bands im into like pennywise, Anti-Flag, Minor Threat, Mindless Self-Indulgence, Demons and Wizards etc. and ive also been getting into some black label society if that helps.. yah well i dont know if that answers your question or not... yah.

But im really up for playing any type of music, as long as i wont be judged on my skill level (im not a terrific guitarist XD)
you can go as far as humber college? i go there and i live near there. how old are you? i have others who want to be the second guitarist in my band but just in case they don't join my band i'd like to know if i could ask you to join, lol. i'm 20, the others in my band are 23 and 17. so...?
yah im about 15..... but id be willing to join any band really, how long have the people in your band been playing their instruments?
i've been playing guitar for about five years. i wouldn't say i'm a great guitarist but i'm confident in my composing abilities, lol.

i have no idea how long our drummer has been playing and our bassist is actually a guitarist... dunno how long he's been playing as well. also, we haven't actually jammed yet, we're still in the process of getting things together so we can start this band.

anyway, that's cool that you're alright in joining my band. i'll let you know if my band has a spot for you. the other person i'm considering lives a bit further than you so i'll have to see how she plays and if she can handle traveling like an hour all the time for band practice. cheers.
i listen to anything. seriously. as long as it sounds good i'll listen to it. the music i make covers loads of different genres but there's quite a few songs i've made which are alternative rock-ish with loads of metal influences like crazy riffs, palm muting, and solos and they usually have catchy choruses which kinda sound melancholic, lol. :P