Hey guys.

In december, i will be producing and recording my band's first official E.P.

We are currently in the process of aquiring all the gear we need to record this ourselves, at our rehearsal room.

At this point, i'm faced with a slight dilemna when it comes to chosing a mixer. We want a digital mixer, there's no doubt about that, but i'm questionning myself as too how much quality difference there actually is between a USB based mixer and a Firewire based one. The USB ones usually seem much less expensive, and i'd be able to get a bigger one for less money then a firewire one.

the two that i'm considering are the following:
Alesis Multimix 16USB
Alesis Multimix 12 Firewire

can someone explain to me the pros and cons of each one please, and which one you think i should chose?

thank you.
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firewire is the way to go for audi. Much more reliable than usb if you ask me.
but, for recording a three piece band. Like, i dont think i'll ever be recording more then 4 tracks simultaneously, is the usb latency going to cause that much of a problem?

<DInkyDaisy>I would so have sex with tauket now.
<SpacedOut>I'd kill to have tauket naked in a bath of warm milk right now.
<Blnkgttrst>Oh Chris, you're what the Spaniards call "El Terrible"
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Firewire is much faster. And surprisingly enough, still on par with USB as for stabilty. If you want speed, get the firewire one, but that USB one has 4 more tracks on it, so its your decision.

Speed or tracks?
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USB2.0 is faster than firewire... i've got a edirol ua-101 for recording my band and i can have 12 x 196KHz inputs at once... with no noticeable latency... i think its like 5ms which is never gonna be heard...
I think Firewire's the way to go. Yes by specification USB 2.0 may be faster but in practicality Firewire is faster. USB and Firewire use differen types of archictecture. USB beeing Master-Slave, this basically meanst hat the computer does all the work, processing, calculations...etc. Firewire on the other hand is Peer to Peer which basically kind of balances the workload 50/50 and intelligently chooses which device to use.

Why don't you get the MultiMix 16FW itll cost a bit more, but in the long run it may turn out better. Sure right now you claim you may only be needing to record 4 tracks, but what if it comes around and you want to record a live show, or you need to mic up the drumset diffrently.

Do you really need a mixer though? Is there any reasonin particular you need one. I'm going to suggest you consider a http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/PreSonus-FIREPOD-10Channel-FireWire-Interface-with-Cubase-LE?sku=184131

It's about the same price as what you were looking at its firewire, has 8 quality preamps (better tan those on the alesis mixer) aswell as MIDI and A/DAT connections. You may want yo check that out as well. Most people think they need a mixer to record because that seems to be the buzz thing. The most reason mixers are used is for the microphone preamps, and depending on how everythings beeing recorded it may be used during final mixdown. But most people are using the mixer int he computer software to mix everything.
if you get a powered USB hub (a GOOD one will go for about 30 bucks at most, i may suggest "belkin" hubs) then the speed is no problem. Whichever way you go, i STRONGLY recomend that your computer has pretty much nothing on it but recording stuff. I tried putting my recording software and hardware on my home computer, what a mistake. My computer pretty much crashed from overuse and I have a pretty good computer (dell 8400). I got an old dell 8100 from my basement and wiped it clean and put just recording equipment on it and it works so well.

EDIT: I have a toneport ux2, in case your wondering. Its pretty good, i recomend it but I don't know how well it would do for a full band cause I've never tried it, i just record my voice and guitar and bass on mine so, yea.
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