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Who is your favorite bassist/bassists and your favorite song/songs with him/her playing. I need an idea of some songs to play.


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Roger Patterson of Atheist.

Favourite song? Unquestionable Presence, although it doesn't have nearly as much bass as most Atheist songs, it just rips as a whole.
Mic Todd from Coheed. and Delerium Trigger, for no real reason
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it's not my favourite song but i really like Scarified by Racer X - the bass in that is excellent. Dont know the bassist and cant be arsed to look it up.
David Ellefson (Megadeth) - Five Magics
Jason Newstead (Metallica) - Fixxxer
Cliff Burton (Metallica) - Orion
Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) - Flight of Icarus
Duff Mckagan (Guns 'n roses) - Rocket Queen
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Im a big fan of robin eaglestone from back in the days when cradle of filth were a decent band - the forest whispers my name has some great bass
to be really boring and obvious, try flea's version of higher ground. also most songs with duncan patterson on bass...
John Myung of Dream Theater - Honor thy Father (not the song w/ his best bassline just my favorite DT song)

Ryan Martinie of Mudvayne - Severed
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Les Claypool from primus - tommy the cat
Flea from RHCP - coffee shop
Justin Chancellor from tool - the grudge
Ryna Martinie from Mudvayne - severed
P-nut from 311- nutymtom
Geddy Lee from rush - YYZ
Cannibal Corpse - Frantic Disembowelment, No Remorse (metallica cover), Hammer Smashed Face - Alex Webster

Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg, Powerslave, The Trooper, Two Minutes To Midnight - Steve Harris

Anthrax - Caught In A Mosh (Terriffic bass riff i might add, great growly bass tone too) - Frank Bello

Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace, In Death's Embrace, Master Of Disharmony (Bassist: Nagash)
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Jack Bruce - White Room (Cream)
Tim Commerford - Take The Power Back (Rage Against The Machine)
Patrick Mattrews - 1969 (The Vines)
Krist Novoselic - Love Buzz (Nirvana)
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geddy lee of rush fav song for bass hmmmm of my limited knowledge of rush.... YYZ

lol funny guy...

Geddy Lee and Turn The Page
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to start...

Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy
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Jean Baudin-Transcend
Martin Mendez (Opeth)-Bleak (fav. song), The Drapery Falls (fav. bassline)
Nothing to gein - Ryan Martinie
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Jack Bruce of Cream. The live versions of Crossroads, Spoonful, Politician, Traintime (this doesn't count since Bruce is playing the harmonica), and Sitting on Top of the World are sterling, and his performance on Apostrophe (a Frank Zappa Song) is great as well.
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Orion - Cliff Burton
Amazing Grace - Victor Wooten
DMV, My name is mud, To Defy The Laws of Tradition, Ballad Of Buckethead, many many others, all Les Claypool
Lots of Chili's stuff
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Jack Bruce is in the pantheon of bass gods.

Jack Bruce is the reason I play bass. I have a huge (20 pages) rasterbated poster of him in my room.
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Les Claypool (primus)- Laquer Head
John Campbell (Lamb of God)- Hourglass
Fieldy (KoRn)- all of them!
Flea (RHCP)- Californiacation.

Tada. : Vhan:
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I love Flea's style and music theory, but my all time favorite would be Chris Squire on "Close To The Edge" or "Relayer"
NIB, Behind the wall of sleep, Dirty woman - Geezer (Sabbath)
Advent of Panurge, Knots, Giant - Ray Shulman (Gentle Giant)
The Barbarian, Living Sin, Tank - Greg Lake (ELP)
Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth), The Four Horsemen - Cliff Burton (Metallica)

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it's not my favourite song but i really like Scarified by Racer X - the bass in that is excellent. Dont know the bassist and cant be arsed to look it up.

tell me about it, sweepin & evrythin! jus actually finished lrnin dat 2day. cant play it perfectly tho!!!
yeah i cant play it full speed, it's too fast for me. Excellent song to practice though. Fast as f*ck
paul mccartney - something or i want you (she's so heavy)
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Duff McKagan (sp?) - Civil War (Guns n Roses)
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John Paul Jones (Led Zepp) - Since Ive Been loving You, not hard to play or anything, but as a whole all the instruments/vocals fit in so nicely.
Any Jaco Pastorius
The guy from Tool dunno his name, but he makes some nice riffs.
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