so yeah i've been playing for about 3 years now and found this electric acoustic ibanez cutaway for sale online, so today i went and met the guy and bought it for $310... first of all, is that an alright deal? the thing sounds amazing, and i find it more playable than anything i've ever touched... i love thinner body on an acoustic. the only issue with the guitar is some dents and minor cracks on top of the body. is there anything i can do to preserve the body or anythign i should do? i doubt the guitar will suffer further damage unless i really drop it hard or something, but would it make sense to apply any sort of wood sealant or cover to these cracks?
this is also my first electric acoustic... and here at school i don't have an amp anyways, but back home i have an amp and a multi pedal for my electric. does a pedal work on acoustic electrics or does it just sound like **** or what? would there be any point to getting a pedal out here?

as for the cracks, take the guitar to a pro and get them to look at it. there are a few different things that will affect the manner in which the guitar needs to be repaired. i do think it is worth having it looked at though, especially since you seem to be quite fond of the instrument.

pedals work great on acoustic-electrics. there wouldn't be any point in getting any pedals "out [there]" unless you are also going to have an amp, but if you're going to get an amp then sure, go for it. i have distortion, delay, chorus, wah wah, and phaser pedals and i don't even own an electric guitar.
so i just found this old thread of mine as i scour the internet looking for more info on this Ibanez ae400. It seems to be almost a lost guitar, there's not much on the internet about it, and no one seems to be certain of it's history. some say they started making them in the early 80's, some in the early 70's. most of the discussions i've found on them online have their owners saying they were made in japan, but mine says korea on it - which means i can't find much help decoding the date through the serial number.

any guitar gurus out there who would be able to help me know how old this thing is?