'Appeance vs. Reality'

And they came from behind

Oh yes they came from behind, from behind they came
And surrounded us with glee
For all I can see was the smile on their faces
And so the letter reads:
Never knowing what lies up ahead
Or so I hope that?s what the
Letter says
Oh my dear it will be signed
And it will be sent with my medals
Which they so falsely gave
To cover up that I worked for nothing
But the ink on my page
But I think it was more of the body
In my grave
In time I think the ink will dry
But we all know what?s carved into the stone

A shadow of greatness, I fall onto the
Ledge of hope and trust, together they go hand in hand
But the knife you so cleverly called Destiny had to meet my fate
And it drives further into my mind
Then I will lay my head unto thee
Bless the days of my lived long night
Oh savior if you can hear me
Save me! If you can,
If not just bury my bones
Oh dearly beloved the scene repeats
Over and over and over and over

A sent letter marked
I?m sorry to be the bearer of bad news
I had a spark of light and
The motivation, though it was confused, in my mind
But this is not as it seems only as it appears
Night seems so valiant
Like my march
But like the night my march must
End in a blaze of light
Or this was dream of fate to come
But it was a dangerous one in fact,
My dear can I breathe?
Can I breathe?
Can I breathe?

Can this be so far behind?
For you have the power to move mountains
But lack all of the ability
Fight your way through the ruins of your inner self
Scavenge for you esteem of yourself
Because I now it?s buried deep below
The numbers we write on the board
Oh the absoluteness of zero
Gets to me every time
And though I
Bring you nothing, you give
Me the burdens of joy
And seldom do I get the emptiness of suffering

So sing me a sad song
For as long as I live
Which will not last long?
I will fight for the break-up of the
End of day
Her lies the brave
And the courageous
Forever the sun sets
In my eyes the days will burn a hole in the world
But nothing leaves so peacefully
As you
And nothing seemed so brave as the death of
And seldom do I get the emptiness of suffering
alright, alright, it tripped me out.....if that matters? i liked it person.
I guess you gotta write about politics to not be emo
well, i thought the only 1 you have on your computer is some goodies
I guess you gotta write about politics to not be emo
You have to put the title of the song in your thread title. Welcome to the UG Songwriting and Lyrics forum! I look forward to working with you.
<Han> I love Hitler