Out of the mind zone pt. 2

damn, well, sitting alone is not so good
with a man out of his mind, ****ed up dude
schitzo in the head, great in bed
arrows in the sky, I get by
until I'm dead or awfly high

think for a minute, there is better to do
you could love and be a dove to a sweatheart or two
or die a gruesome death by knife or,
I use my hands just for you

I've come so far

how about you?

nothing lasts forever?

you've never told me this.

eagle, a beagle, and smeagol all rhyme to me
why cant happy and smile oh and relief be

cold and hungary under the hot- sun
might as well use a shot- gun
its what I think about as fun
and get the game all done

spiders piss out web fire
and I use to think you were my only desire
save me from the spiders

I've come so far

how about you?

nothing lasts forever

now I've told it to you
I guess you gotta write about politics to not be emo