What do you mean chords don't sound good on the guitar...

I think you're confused about the terms you're using.

Just to help you out a little bit...

Tabs can contain chords or single note phrases. Tabs are the notation that tell you how to play a particular song.

A chord is when you play 3 notes (or more) at the same time.
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Angel of Death iby Slayer is good, so is pretty much anything by Decide.
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Highway to Hell and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC are also good.
lashed to the slave stick by nile.
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Dark Mother Divine by dissection...good christains song write there(lmao)

well..id play some OLD underoath...there first CD only...those are good
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try cowboys from hell
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Shredding is having control over your instrument and being free of technical obstacles so your music is not limited by your playing ability.

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Am I Evil by metallica?
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So I think one person actually told him a good christian song to play? Good job guys?

Anyways my favorite christian songs to play are White Walls by Still Remains and Forever by As I Lay Dying but you might be looking for more like Rock or Pop so Meant to Live by Switchfoot or some Kutless stuff is good.
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