I played the intro from his live version,the first half of the solo from the original recording then last solo from the live version....i played WITHOUT a metranome so it might be not on time......http://agv.dmusic.com
The intro was good, but the soloing was ear piercing and nothing amazing. Still not awful though.
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Needs work ,but it way very good at times. It's better than I could do ,but i don't play hendrix. Good Job!
Your opening was really good.
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yeah you started with the intro very well however i was expecting vocals or a backing track ....
nonetheless i like what you did .;.good job
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I liked the intro a lot, the tone was great and it flowed nicely. The tone on the solo was dreadful.. the notes seemed right but I couldn't focus on that because the tone was so piercing.. Re-record the song, do the intro the same, fix the tone on the solo, and maybe add a backing track and you will have yourself a nice cover.

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