This is about my best freind getting dumped by this guy not sure if its done or not but wutever. be honest about it

It's hard to believe that, you and her were you and I.
It's wrong to decieve but, sometimes I just want to lie.
I'm a little naive but, I don't see the good in goodbye..

Why can't we learn, that unexpected affection gets us nowhere.
We can never return, to that point in life where we just didn't care.
I know it's hard, to hurt without a meaning, mess up all your routines,
Because of me.

I don't understand when you say that it wasn' planned.
I guess we can't see when, we hold the world in the palm of our hand.
Is it just me when, all the good ideas seem bad..


I'm glad it's over,
But sometimes it just won't dissapear.
All the things I never understood, are now becoming clear.
You know it's a problem, when everyone hears what they want to hear.
This reminds me of that Blue October song. I love the way it's just raw emotion, saying fvck cliches, screw what everybody else is doing, this is how I feel, dammit! I think it would be a really cool song with some quieter acoustic strumming, a really heavy bassline, and perhaps a drum solo? Those are just ideas, though. I love the lyrics, though, bro.
dude ur cool i think ur right too
oh and i didnt write it but ill tell her she has a fan
it was pretty good, makes more sence now that I know you didnt write it,had me thinkin you were messin around with her friend.
it's weird, I for the most part really like the first lines of each stanza and the chorus, then everything comes crashing down after that. It appears that in your effort to match a particluar rhyme scheme that you pull the great first line back into the ordinary with terrible rhyming words. Try not concentrating so much on the rhyme, and just talk instead of changing around words and sentances to make it fit.

and just a suggestion for the last line in the first stanza, it would sound much more unique if it read like so:

I'm a little naive but, where's the good when followed with bye

just a suggestion, it's a little less overdone that way.
A Myspace introduction to:

It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's compromise that moves us along. -- Maroon 5
very very good my friend. i love it and it has very much power in it. again i know the person so i get it more:P you are sooo much better than me at everything and since i dont know musci all the suggestions i can give you is that VERY GOOD SONG!.