i bought my first guitar 3 weekds ago, an epiphone aj 100...

i like the guitar overall. however, yesterday i played a friends yamaha, (dont know what model, seemed kinda nice) and the strings were so easy to press down. it made sound a lot easier with A LOT less effort....

i guess my question is...is it a guitar difference, or is that simply a string difference. perhaps hes been playing on those string a lot longer which is why they were easier?

i dont know..but my guitar is brand new, w/ new strings, so do i have to wait till it sets in or what?
you probably just have to wer the new string s a little bit if not change them and you should be able to get a good sound. i just got an acoustic but ive been playing for a year and i had to wear them out a bit
the way the strings feel when you play is the same wether they're new or old. it could be the brand of strings or just the way the guitar is made, perhaps the action (the space between the strings and fretboard) which is adjustable, or something else. I don't know
changing the strings is only going to make a difference if you are using a heavier gauge strings than your friend has on his yamaha. check and see what gauge and type of strings he uses. your guitar is most likely equipped with either lights or mediums from the factory. unless your friend is using extra lights, you probably need to have your action adjusted.
he probably has thinner strings than you... they're generally easier to fret, and to bend but thicker strings give fuller tone. i use 12's on my acoustic but a lot of acoustics come with 11's...
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