ok whats the progression of chods for minor keys. like major is MAJ MIN MIN MAJ MIN MAJ DIM or something like that. im not sure im using the correct terminoligy but im sure all of u get my question
ok which ones would be good to use over a sweep song with different inversions of a C minor arpeggio. like 1 4 6 7 or whatever
1 4 6 7?

Sorry, I don't understand. Maybe it's just because I am muy cansado, but do you mean the 1 4 6 7 of a C minor scale?

You mean arpeggios of a C minor chord?
o and by Cm arpeggio i mean like C minor sweeps. i think they are? it all sounds in key and its in Cm. i figuerd out the different arpeggio patterns by ear
Ahh, you mean chord progressions?

Well, in E major vi V I would be C#m B E.

There are some standard progressions you could use.

Learning feels great doesn't it

Well, there are standard chord progressions you can use. These are widely used and some aren't as much.

As you know, each chord in a key is labled with a roman numeral, uppercase for major chords, lowercase for minor chords. In G major:

I G major
ii A minor
iii Bminor
IV C major
V D major
vii E minor
vii F# diminished

Some standard progressions are:


Very common. Very useful. There are also variations on this progression:


Things like that. Some others are:


Now, line those up with the chords in G major and you have some standard progressions! You can vary these or make up your own as well

There are more too that I would mention, but I'm sure you can make up some cool sounding ones yourself

Good night lol.