I'm looking for get some effects for my bass and I've narrowed it down into either the Dunlop Crybaby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal or the Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron+ Effects Pedal. Now, the problem is that I've heard some concerns from others about the Dunlop pedal that is doesn't have a very good range. The other side to this problem is I'm not exactly sure what I'm getting myself into with the Electro-Harmonix pedal, I've just heard it's a good buy. Can anybody simplify what the second pedal does and if it would be worth my while to pick up or would I be better off to stick to the more simple Dunlop pedal?

Firstly, dont buy Dunlops - IMO Morley wahs wipe the floor with Dunlops. Try both, but Morleys are built like tanks. In a war of pedals, Dunlops would be the soldiers walking behind the tank that is the Morley. And i think they sound better.

As for the Q-Tron - i have one, and it's a great pedal. It's a filter - think of it like of like an auto-wah. You get some mad synth like noise from it. Listen to the samples on their site for an example. Personally, on the rare occasions i use effects, this is one of them that does get used..

Just asking though, how can you want a pedal if you dont even know what it does?
Depending on what sort of style you play, buy a limiter/enhancer, Graphic equalizer, pre amp/booster, tuner pedal (not really a must). For something that effects your sound buy an Overdrive pedal (just to change ur sound during chorus/verse changes ect). Or buy an amp modeller (behringer are quite good, there is a review on here). They have 16 FX aswell as different cab models.

For slap style playing, i would buy a Compresser just to keep the low end buzzing a bit longer. Of course, distortion for rock.

Most pedals that you would buy for bass you would have on all the time, like the enhancer.

When i get my Behringer Amp modeller, then my FX rig will Be: Rockson Distrtion pedal/digitech synth wah pedal. thts all really.
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