Is this a joke I have got to be sleeping, not waking up from a dream, I cant seem to see clearly, Just put your hands over my eyes, keep me from the truth, too afraid of it coming back on you, I`d rather die then be ****in used by you... thinkin of the words to say but you`ll never know you just go your own way, not thinkin of what you have in front of you , always thinkin about what you want that`s best for you, you put me in the back of your mind, til the next time i`m convenient enough for you, take your fake words, and take your fake smile, take it all away for me to breath for awhile
haah sound likes me. try to use better word choice. sometimes i go to dictionary.com and look at synonyms. or sometimes i got to rhymezone.com and look at rhyming synomyns. great websites. keep the song going, lol you sound just like me .haha

the only two things i have to say are:

1. delete this thread, read the rules, then repost this with an appropriate title.
2. the use of the smilie as an actual piece of the song/poem ruined it for me.
gay use of smilie. gay use of thread title.

put gaps between
each new idea/line
like this when publishing a song
makes it alot easier to read.

other then that.. it was alright..
kinda reads like a Metal/Rap type linkin park thing,which Im not really into anymore but if it is than great job