Good bye my dearest strings. You've preaty much been with me sence I first got my guitar, about mid spring 2006... if memory servers me correctly. And now you are begining to loose your grip on life. You're top coils are coming off, and you are just unable to be friendly anymore. I remimber how bright and irritating you were those first 2 weeks or so, but oh how you turned out so nice. How I loved your sound, so mellow... you DR Blues Nickel 9's. Why now do the fates seem to object to our relationship? You know my inner most problems, and my deepest issues... and now you are dieing. I Just don't know what to say. I treated you better than any strings before you. This is just so terribly upsetting, to see you leaving me, leaving us. I hope Ozzy's words ring true, and we get to meet, on the other side. Good-bye dearist love. Good-bye dearest friend. Forever I hope to remimber thee.


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yeha..dude....thats a fcking long ass time to change strings..so stop bitching...you shouldnt go more than 3 weeks on a set of strings..they sound like **** after
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What's with the code? I changed my strings less than a month ago and they sound like carp. Bought some fast fret yesterday too, maybe you should try that if you want your strings to last longer..although 6-8 months is rather a long time...